Stop Worrying and Help Your Child Concentrate

September 22, 2018 0
Be honest – are you one of those parents who worry about their child’s apparent inability to concentrate? Are you constantly asking, does he or she have ADHD? Are they doomed to failure and…

Step By Step Guide To Setting Up A RESP For Your Child

August 22, 2018 0

Obtaining a good education has become an asset in the life of many children. However, this does not mean that the cost of paying for post-secondary studies has become any less. Many people are financially burdened with paying for college or university and end up taking student loans which Parents should, therefore, take the initiative to start saving up for their children before time to pursue tertiary level education comes. By opening an heritage education funds RESP, parents are motivated to invest in the post-secondary education for their children. One can begin the setup process by following the guide below.

3 Ways Of Helping Children Cope With Stress And Deal With Feelings

December 12, 2016 0

Life is not always as simple and easy for children as one may think. Children need to meet the harsh demands of school top on of their personal and social lives. In addition, many parents also send their children for supplementary classes for enrichment purposes and attempt to discover their children’s talents by having them engaged in cultural activities at the same time. Pressure from within the home and from people around contributes to the high levels of unnecessary stress that young children are facing today. As such, it is crucial that parents know the 3 ways of helping children cope with stress and deal with feelings. The most basic thing to do to help your child cope with stress is to understand what stress actually is. Stress is our body’s way of reacting to specific events or changes in our lives that are taking place. Some children are brought up in an environment that encourages and guides him or her to deal with stress in a positive way. Thus, it is important that parents learn the skills to teach their children how to respond to stressful and tense situations in a more optimistic manner. The first people that children […]

Healthy Tips for Healthy School Lunch Ideas

November 22, 2016 0

Kids adore ‘kid food’- fun, colorful, mini-size, cartoon-covered, ready-made, TV-advertised tasty snacks that are easy to buy and convenient to pack into a lunch box. Unfortunately these foods are usually packed with bad nutrition- fat, sugar, salt and additives. Even the foods which appeal to you as a parent because they claim to be healthy are usually expensive and almost always unhealthy. Often pester power wins, and because other children are allowed chocolate biscuits and crisps, it seems unfair to deny your child these fun products. We can all take positive steps to make our children more healthy, and if we work together as a team, then so much the better. Lets try to squash the pester power and ban the junk. Here are some ideas to help you provide a healthier lunch box: 1. Bin the junk, get back to basics and start preparing home made food from fresh ingredients. This food will be nutritionally far superior to anything that you buy ready-made. 2. Buy some greaseproof paper sandwich bags (plastic coverings on food may be harmful to our children’s health) small reusable containers and fun stickers. Use these to create attractive packaging to hold their interest, and help […]